We presented our performance « The witness, the time » at the « Extraordinarium »  festival organized at the Klaus (Zürich, private club) organized by the l’AmphitheaterDecember 1, 2018.  Its composed of our bodies and newspapers,  the idea of the time as a prison, the cries of our fears, and how we died in love on stage.
ExFormation this divestment in front of an audience at 4:00 in the morning, where the acid of the techno resounds.
The words that scream;
Mal Être – Arrogance – I numb myself – I accuse ignorance » Sophie Scheifel
« Angst vor mir – Lust und Frust – Schwach von last – Und dann Rückfall » Vier-Und-Art/ Olivier Schlund.

This was the first part of the project, the second will take place in 2019, at the Sihlhalle.