Meeting with an audience that passes through this deadlock « Des Folie Bergère » between the tram and the entrance of the Panier district in Marseille on 29th of April 2018.
«  Impres-sens  » and « Foule essence » was the result of an artist residency.
A meeting of bodies and medium that took place over 10 days, with 5 different medium, senses and artists: Lohr Touati (theatre), Vier-Und-Art/Olivier Schlund(painting and body), Laetitia Reboul (Dance), Lara Hoqu (intellectual), Sophie Scheifele(Photography and video) .

On the occasion of the Horizon Beatume festival, it was a meetingpoint of the classic five senses, a meeting of points of view. Plus an interesting work shop at Cirva; International Research Centre on Glass and Plastic Arts. We shared the thoughts on the senses from many surroundings artists, like Cathy Pollini, who worked and studied on the senses since more than ten years . Two performances came to life, in the heart of the Marseille district.  » Foule essence  » was the second performance, a stroll through the Panier district, a theatrical awakening.