Calendar Adelaïde © 2020 – the crowdfunding coming soon

« The adult calendar is both a conventional and a popular format for erotic photography. What we have done is to hijack that format and turn it into a statement of artistic committ- ment with an undercurrent of sarcasm and humour.

Its themes are the burning issues of our time – capitalism, virtual reality, ecological crisis, immigration, gender relations – which challenge the community and the individual alike. Not forgetting sexuality, of course!

Adelaïde is the main model. Through body language in a context of sex work, she gives meaning to the title and the title opens up the image to question. Adelaïde plays with the codes of erotica/porn. With her sarcasm, the “character” asks questions about our reality. »

Mélina Bomal Actress, author, theatre artist, iconoclast and feminist. Mother of two children. She lives in the south of France.

Sophie Scheifele Photographer, video and performance artist. Satiric, esthetic and contemplative kind of asking uncomfortable Questions, based in Berlin.

Olivier Schlund, Painter, graphic designer and performance artist. A poetic way to create common understanding in the societies, based in Berlin.

2019 The pre-sale start in Juine 2019