The duo ExFormation (with Vier Und Art) in Offline Forte Margera – Venice
The 21st of June whit the collective Action Hybride.
« The skin is a surface, an interface. For a long time, skin has been
considered as the limit of the soul, a border between being and the
world. But now technology is breaking through this layer. The skin is no
longer a barrier » Sterlac

L’art du passage à l’acte… (The art of acting)
We are a performative installation. We are two bodies, back to back,
a barbed wire surrounds us without touching us. We are completely
naked and covered with newsprint that is stuck to our skin. We will be
deaf, blind, mute, filled with this paper that covers our thoughts like
the emptiness of existence. We are motionless like two statues waiting
for death. The sound of the clock becomes the echo of society, which
remembers bitterly that time is equal, that every second is valid in a
temporality. It is imposed on us that time passes. During this time, we
are present in space, little by little we undress from this burden. Through
calm and slow movements we regain control over our body. Above us,
a dropper pours one drop of blood per second, like the torture of the
drop of water. In a soft melody we undress from the information of the
infused periodic mass in our thoughts, nights and days. An appointment
with madness and mass information, meeting with the memory of the

history of current events. Massively spilled, the story of the human inac-
tivated, who is a stranger to himself no longer even recognizes his body.

Are we becoming a reference in censorship? Our body remembers our
posture imposed by societal norms. Through large-scale dissemination
we are imbued with propaganda that becomes our memory.