Sophie Scheifele, born in Béziers (France), on August 22, 1994 (24 years old). Photographer, performer, visual artist, living in Berlin.
She considers herself as autodidact and independent artist, without a long-term educational institution. She uses many supports and attempts to express an aesthetic of feelings, passing through the claim, a critical aspect of society. She uses many supports and attempts to express an aesthetic of feelings, passing through the claim, a critical aspect of society. His lyrical and poetic photography provokes a questioning of photography itself, of our society and our generation.
The artist is the one who creates perceptions.” Deleuze
Sophie Scheifele works in duet, with Olivier Schlund since 2018, with “Exformation“. They perform in Europe as “naked and nude” provocative and questioning. ExFormation takes turns and detours to express the poems of a society in

Being a autodidact artist in the contemporary art world, today is a bit like an animal that is disappearing. There are still some, but the academy and the institution are responsible for seeing them disappear.
The Unesco has proposed an open definition (. . . ) of the status of the artist (adopted in Belgrade on 27 October 1980):
An artist is defined as any person who creates or participates through his or her interpretation in the creation or recreation of works of art, who considers his or her artistic creation as an essential element of his or her life, who thus contributes to the development of art and culture, who is recognized or seeks to be recognized as an artis (…) »
In 2016, she joined the “Women’s Network” movement, the underground of performance and the graphic arts. This movement is now gaining momentum in 6 European countries (France, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland). She participates in the action during the different Fair. In 2020, she will participate in the meeting of Moroccan women, a three-month residency project.
Sophie Scheifele, ongoing, in the form of an independent study to make this a place in the system of the art world. Between residence, exhibition and performance, her work begins to take on a singular and recognizable texture.


Next Date 2019

_26.07-2.09_ Resistance of ExFormaiton in Sihlhalle
_ 12.10/10/11_Residence performance “Cabaret Dyslexique” by ExFormation
_1-30.07 _ Exhibition “Calendar Adelaïde”, Planet Flow, Berlin
_ 1.02-1.06/2020, Résidence with the femme Nettwork-Kouni Mra, Cassablanca_Maroc

And More


_20-23.06_Whit Action Hybride, “I AM MY BODY, I AM MY MEMORY”, multidisciplinary festival of Contemporary Arts, in Venice, at Officine Forte Marghera – Off Biennale Venice
_29-16.06 ExFormation Duo exhibition residencies “L’office des Tampons” in the Galerie L’Atelier, Sète_(FR) – Durant Image Singulière
_16-23.05 ExFormation project “Luscus Pics“, Steetfoodfestival, Zürich_(CH)
_9.02-21.02 in the BUNKERHILLGalerie/Hilldegarden in Hamburg
_28.02-10.02 residencies ExFormation with Olivier Schlund, Sicile (IT)
_4.05-24.06. Now Art Fair with ExFormation “Vie privée III”, Werkkunst Gallery Hamburg Hamburg (GR)
_15-19.04 residencies of Melina Bomal with ExFormation ” “L’univers passera par ma fente”, au Collectif12, Mantes la Jolies_(FR)

_”Horizon Beatume II“, Creation of the “Open day’s of the Ateliers”, in the Panier in Marseille_(FR)
_Creation of the residencies “Appel O sens“, in Marseille_(FR)
I invite 5 artists to create with a oder notion of senses, we was with
Oliviers Schlund, Laetitia Reboul, Laure Touati, Lara, and myself
Guest, Catherine Pollini, and the Cirva “Centre international de recherche sur le verre et les arts plasitique”
_Exhibtion Solo of photography “Maladie imaginaire où Névrotique Solidaire” and conceptualisation with Exformation. Photoszene Cologne_(GR).
In the context of this exhibition, ExFormation have done 10 performances, for one every day of the exhibition_(GR)
_Performation of ExFormation Duo with Vier-Und-Art, “20l milk”, Zürich,_(CH)
_Performance of ExForamtion with Olivier Schlund “Vie Privée I & II”, Hamburg and Zurich (GR_CH)
_Exhibition collective “Chrome“, Berlin_(GR)
_Performance of Exformation with Vier-Und-Art, “Der Zeuge die Zeit”, Zürich_(CH)
_ Exhibition collective Art Dealers _Zürich (CH)
_ Collective Exhibition “R*Evoltion” by Femme Fractal, Berlin_(GR)

_Exhibition collective “Femme Brutal“, (pieces of Femme Network) Barcelona, ES

_Creation of a “Horzion Beatume” a collective, a meeting between the world of Hip-Hop from Marseille and “Contemporary Art” with Cindy Joy and Morgane Silva
_Creation of artistic residencies on “Errance”
With the artists, Lucy Raverat, Elisa FantozziUlysses PayaJean Sanchez, Lola MetzManu
In the Deviation, Marseille
Exhibition collective “Sert moi un café”, In the Déviation_ Mareille_FR

_Exhition collective “Insitu”, “the Chappelle du quartier haut”, Sète. FR
_Exhibition collective in the Centre d’Art Contemporain Occitanie,  With the school of  Ecole préparatoire des beaux Art de Sète. Sérignan, FR